The Farm

The vineyard is situated near the Medieval Tuscan town of San Gimignano; the town of 100 towers! The town is surrounded by the rolling green hills of Tuscany and its within these hills that you will find the wine and oil of Il Lebbio. With genuine passion and love for wine, we work hard everyday to ensure the highest quality of wine and olive oil is produced. The vineyard is named after a wild plant that grows on our land and in between our vineyards.
Nearly all of our vineyards are positioned with optimal exposure to the sun which allows for ideal maturation of our grapes.
The business is family owned and operated by the Niccolini brothers and has been for several generations. This means over the years, we have collected an abundance of knowledge and experience in the traditional techniques of wine-making, however we also incorporate new technologies in order to produce excellent quality wine.

Our vineyards produce such grapes as: Vernaccia, Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia and Colombana. As well as Colorino, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Montepulciano.

Our wine estate has recently been completely remodernised and houses a wine cellar which allows for all the steps
of today’s wine production; from the maturation of the wine in wooden or oak barrels to the refining of the wine in bottles.

Villa Renaccio is the renovation of two old farmhouses from the early 1900s located in Renaccio, in the municipality of Gambassi Terme (Florence).


Vines, Grappas, Olive Oil


Di grande tradizione storica, proveniente dall’omonimo vitigno coltivato in zone felicemente espos

Prodotto esclusivamente da mosto-fiore di uve Trebbiano e Malvasia, è un vino elegante. Di un legge

La trasparenza del rubino con il carattere giovane e armonico fanno del nostro rosso un giusto vino

Villa Renaccio

By a costly redevelopment and restoration of two old farmhouses from the early 20th century, the cozy and comfortable holiday estate “Villa Renaccio” was born.