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Elegant white wine, 100% Chardonnay. Of a light pale straw yellow color, it has a good harmony betwe

The must of the two local grapes called Trebbiano and Malvasia is used to create our basic white win

Just a short pressing of the grape peels in combination with a white wine base, gives our rose a sal

This ruby-red coloured wine is youthful, with charming character, good body and a balanced taste, ma

Typical white wine from San Gimignano. The wine making of the Vernaccia has a long and historic trad

Due to the selective positions of our Chianti vineyards we are able to obtain a maximum quality by p

The low yield from each plant along with a rigorously controlled fermentation process, gives this wi

Only the finest Cabernet-Sauvignon and Montepulciano grapes are selected to produce this beautiful w

An essential red, this elegant wine is matured for a long period of time in oak barrels and its sub

Sparkling wine A LUI • A LEI wine that is born from the union of Vernaccia grapes coming respectiv

Selected according to certain characteristics of excellence from Ciliegiolo grapes, our Kérass matu

This fortified dessert wine is so called “Holy wine”, and is made of three different local white

Immediately after pressing our grapes, we transport them to the local distillery D.E.T.A. where they

Great care and attention with the cultivation of our olive-trees along with the olives being picked